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  • Italian Day 2017 returns to Commercial Drive on June 11.ITALIAN DAY

There’s no better way to celebrate Italian culture than with food and music, right?

The 8th annual Italian Day returns to Vancouver’s Commercial Drive (from Venables to Grandview)—otherwise known as Little Italy—on June 11 (noon to 8 p.m.).

This year’s festival should see no less than a few thousand people gathering to celebrate Italian culture, community, and heritage.




The theme of the day-long celebration this year is amore (love), which is deeply rooted in the concept of Italian lifestyle. Festival-goers are encouraged to share and spread this universal message—love.

The highly anticipated event will span 14 blocks and feature over 200 merchants, food vendors, and family-friendly attractions.

Attendees will be exposed to some mouth-watering bites including fried Italian donuts, cannoli, pasta, meatballs, gelato, and pizza, among others. Over 20 food trucks and 15 extended merchant patios will be available at the event.

Live music and theatre will entertain event-goers throughout the day, including performances by Danilo Ciaccia and his ItalyAMO band, Federico Fuoco and his band Fire, and singers from the Vancouver Opera.

As it will be a festival fit for the entire brood, activities include everything from children’s amusement zones to street performers, roaming stilt walkers to human foosball, and more.

It is recommended for visitors to walk, cycle, transit, or Car2Go to the event as the street will be closed to vehicle traffic between Venables Street and the Grandview cut.

For more information, click here.


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Italian Day on The Drive

About Italian Day

Sunday, June 11 2017 – 12pm to 8pm

Italian Day on The Drive is a vibrant cultural street festival celebrating Italian culture, heritage and respective immigrant contributions in Vancouver.  Commercial Drive, also known as The Drive, is home to the annual festival which transforms the street into a lively 14 block, vehicle free, celebration and community festa. Since Italian Day’s return in 2010, the event has grown significantly.  Today, Italian Day on The Drive represents the largest one day cultural street festival in the city – and perhaps in Canada – drawing over 350,000 enthusiastic attendees of all cultures and ages.  It is a multi-cultural and community embrace under the Italian Day umbrella offering over 200 street participants comprised of: sponsors, merchants, retail booths, food vendors and restaurant patios, as well as stages with live music and theatre, street performers, classic cars, activities and displays, children’s amusement zones and more.

Italian Day on The Drive is organized and produced by the Italian Day Festival Society in collaboration with:

The Commercial Drive Business Society
Il Centro Italian Cultural Centre
Anigraph Productions
City of Vancouver

Italian Day and Little Italy

In the 1940s and 50s, many Italian immigrants had made their home and established businesses in the Commercial Drive area.  Between the 1940s – 1980s, Commercial Drive had developed into an Italian enclave, otherwise known as Little Italy; and where Italo-Canadians played a key role in influencing and revitalizing the landscape, including the introduction of street festivals – with the last one of this era being in 1982. It was an unforgettable day on Commercial Drive with thousands of Italo-Canadians pouring onto the street in a passionate display of emotion, celebrating Italy’s win in the World Cup, which fell on the very same day as the festival. It was a the first Italy World Cup win since the 1930s. In 2016, Italian Day marked another important day of celebration. In recognition of over 70 years of Italian heritage, an 8 block area of Commercial Drive was officially designated Little Italy by the Mayor and other officials, including a ribbon cutting and special visit from the Italian Ambassador to Canada.  An achievement attributed to the support of government representatives, and community individuals and organizations, including the Italian Day Festival Society.  The return of Italian Day on The Drive revived this heritage conversation and opportunity, and has proven to not only be a day of community celebration, but also an avenue encouraging collective goals and economic benefits for businesses and city.


Italian Day 2017 Theme: Amore

In Italian, Amore means love. Whether in philosophy or in its endearing use of expression, it lies at the heart of Italian culture and its lifestyle. It is a universal language and an exchange evoking many things: affection, romance, passion, respect, creativity, and commitment.  It is life, unity and the pursuit for an emotional connection; and is shared in relationships, arts and culture, at the dinner table, in our daily work, in pursued dreams, and in community.

Italian Day’s success is founded on the principal that together we can create and nurture trusted relationships and collaborations, fuelled by love and the belief in who we are and what we do. To quote David Frost, ‘Don’t aim for success if you want it; just do what you love and believe in, and it will come naturally’.

For Italian Day 2017, we celebrate Amore in all aspects of life and the magical power it holds to inspire, connect and create infinite possibilities and experiences, both individually and collectively.

Balla come se nessuno stesse guardando,
ama come se nessuno ti avesse mai ferito,
canta come se nessuno stesse ascoltando,
vivi come se il paradiso fosse sulla terra

Dance like there’s nobody watching,
Love like you’ll never be hurt,
Sing like there’s nobody listening,
And live like it’s heaven on earth


That’s Amore

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Vancouver B.C.  March 26, 2017 Getting special care-- Canuck the Crow with Shawn Bergman (left) who has become close the bird.  The wild crow Canuck was knocked unconscious at a soccer game at Adanac park by a fan with an umbrella.  (Bergman's video about the incident has gone viral in  Vancouver on  March 26, 2017     Mark van Manen PNG Staff  photographer   see Denise Ryan   News   Vancouver Sun/Province Feature  stories  and Web.  00048454A   [PNG Merlin Archive]

Canuck the Crow with Shawn Bergman, who has become close to the bird. MARK VAN MANEN / PNG


Beloved Vancouver bird Canuck the Crow was struck on the head and knocked unconscious in an unprovoked attack at a children’s soccer tournament Saturday.

Shawn Bergman, who calls Canuck his “best friend,” wasn’t at the game, but said a witness told him parents and children “screamed in terror” when the man whacked the bird on the head with a flagpole. 

Bergman set out on a frantic search for the crow after getting a call from the SPCA after the incident Saturday. Bergman found Canuck, dazed and listless, perched on the balcony railing of a home near the park. “He looked like he didn’t know where he was,” said Bergman. “He didn’t struggle when I picked him up, which is not like him.”

“The bird is not well,” said veterinarian Anne McDonald, who is treating Canuck at the Night Owl Bird hospital. McDonald said she has treated Canuck for pain and inflammation, and although there are no signs of a skull fracture, she is keeping him for observation. 

Dr. Anne McDonald examines the injured Canuck the Crow with Shawn Bergman, who has become close to the bird.MARK VAN MANEN / PNG

Bergman wants to see animal-cruelty charges laid.

Canuck, who has 38,000 followers on social media, became an international celebrity after Bergman started posting his antics on the Facebook page, Canuck and I. Canuck was taken in by the child of Bergman’s East Vancouver landlord after being abandoned as a nestling.

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New Brighton Pool

New Brighton Pool is a heated, outdoor pool in Vancouver's Sunrise neighbourhood. We are open from May to September. We have regular length swimming and  a sloped, beach-style entry for young children.


Register for swim programs and recreation services

Our registration and reservation system is easy to navigate and helps you plan, track, and manage all your recreation requests in one place.

If you are a new user, setting up your account is easy with an email address. Just create a password, complete your profile, and you’re ready to go. 

Make your online registration experience more enjoyable. Get registration tips.

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by Andrew Morrison | Sundae lovers will be stoked to hear that the good folks behind Earnest Ice Cream ar in the process of building a brand new, 5,217 sqft facility at 1485 Frances Street. The location – the light industrial netherworld between Commercial Drive and Strathcona – might seem a bit of an odd one at first glance, but it fits the company’s needs for commissary space and there’s no shortage of people in the surrounding neighbourhoods who are totally down for good ice cream. Of course, just 300 sqft of the new space will be dedicated to retail pint sales and scoop/sundae service, with the remainder devoted to ice cream production and meeting increasing wholesale demand. So it might get tight. Opening day is slated for some point in June. Bonus: this is just around the corner from Timbertrain Coffee’s new Depot Cafe, which is also opening soon. I snuck a peek last week…






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 Immediately, energy costs decrease and resale home values increase.
Our window system includes’ LoE3 glass, combined with argon gas and triseal Super Spacer, significantly lowers radiant heat loss, admits more sunlight into your home and eliminates air leakage.


Here’s how you benefit:

  • Cuddle up to savings – keep the heat inside in winter
  • Chill through summer – keep your place cool and comfortable during hot summer days
  • Reduce air leakage – with fusion welded corners and multiple weather seals
  • Say goodbye to drafts & condensation – double and triple sealed spacers reduce cold and heat transfers
  • Less fading issues– our advanced glass keeps the damaging UV rays on the outside
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 East Van Dogs has helped countless canines as the only community-based dog walking business on the east side. Formerly Momma Jo’s Dogs, East Van Dogs was founded in 2005 by professional dog trainer Jo Dworschak.


Using trust as a motivating principle, East Van Dogs offers safe, playful dog training and hikes. In the woods outside of the city, your canine companions are free to socialise, explore, run and play chase, before returning home relaxed and ready for a rest. Clients typically notice that their dogs become happier and calmer after just a few hikes, not only at home but also when they go to the park with their owners.

East Van Dogs has an excellent safety record. After 8 years of business and over 4000 hikes, no dogs have been seriously injured or lost in our care. Their team of diligent dog walkers take extra precautions with canine charges. You can rest at ease knowing your dog is in good hands and safely enjoying their hike.

Since 2005, clients of East Van Dogs/Momma Jo’s have remained loyal advocates.

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Slide background
East Van Dogs has helped countless canines as the only community-based dog walking business on the east side. Formerly Momma Jo’s Dogs, East Van Dogs was founded in 2005 by professional dog trainer Jo Dworschak.


Using trust as a motivating principle, East Van Dogs offers safe, playful dog training and hikes. In the woods outside of the city, your canine companions are free to socialise, explore, run and play chase, before returning home relaxed and ready for a rest. Clients typically notice that their dogs become happier and calmer after just a few hikes, not only at home but also when they go to the park with their owners.

East Van Dogs has an excellent safety record. After 8 years of business and over 4000 hikes, no dogs have been seriously injured or lost in our care. Their team of diligent dog walkers take extra precautions with canine charges. You can rest at ease knowing your dog is in good hands and safely enjoying their hike.

Since 2005, clients of East Van Dogs/Momma Jo’s have remained loyal advocates.

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The PNE has been a proud member of the Hastings Sunrise Community for 105 years, and boy have we seen the neighbourhood change! It seems that every day there is a new trendy restaurant or artisan cafe popping up and new families moving into this ever evolving, but always vibrant community.

We strive to not only produce attractions that all of Greater Vancouver can enjoy, but also events for our neighbours including a Farmers’ Market, annual Community Day at Playland and a Community BBQ. We’re also proud to host and support the events and initiatives of local community groups including this weekend’s LightWaterDrums lantern festival, community park walks, a Terry Fox Run for the local schools, an Easter egg hunt, the Learn to Fish Programs in the Sanctuary and numerous local conferences, workshops and festivals.

farmers market060sm

The 2014 Winter Farmers’ Market ran every Sunday throughout October and November here at Hastings Park. We are excited to announce that the market will return this spring, fall and winter! More details to come!

Learn to fish

Did you know that you could learn about fish identification, conservation, safety, proper fish handling, tackle, rod rigging, casting and enjoy an hour of hands on fishing at the Sanctuary? The program starts up again March 14.


We are proud to once again host LightWaterDrums this Saturday, January 24, from 5:30-9pm. Come out to the free lantern festival and celebrate the beauty of the dark and wet winters of Vancouver.

Neighbourhood BBQ

At the launch of summer, we host a free Hastings Sunrise neighbourhood BBQ to bring the community together in the beautiful garden’s and parks here at Hastings Park.


Since 2012 we have hosted a Hastings Little League day at Playland. $10 from every ticket sold on the day is donated to help the league in hosting the 2016 Little League Canadian National Tournament. In total $67,380 has been raised.


We are happy to support our community’s events and festivals. In events like the community Bike Fest we provided waste stations, bike racks, clean-up crews and administrative support.

As we move forward with Hastings Park permanently being our home we will continue to grow our connection with the local community with continuing to build our programs and outreach. Check out all of our Community Relations initiatives and for local residents, make sure you’re signed up to receive our community e-newsletter to keep up with what’s happening here at Hastings Park.

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ABOVE: The passenger in a vehicle who was left bloodied by a confrontation with a cyclist is appealing for information about her attacker. Ted Chernecki reports.

 A A 

A Vancouver woman is asking the public to help identify her attacker after a bizarre confrontation on a bike path.

The woman, who has asked not to be identified, was with her boyfriend when she says they accidentally turned down a bike-only lane along Charleson on Tuesday.

A cyclist, believed to be in his 50s, stopped and demanded they get out and then allegedly punched her in the face when she says she tried to calm him down.

The woman had to get 10 stitches on her upper lip and says she now fears potential retaliation by the cyclist.

“I kind of backed off and looked at him dead in the eye and said, ‘You were going to hit a woman,’ and then, as I turned to walk away, he just cold-cocked me in the face,” the woman told Global News. “At that point actually, my boyfriend hopped out of the vehicle and I just said, ‘Take his photo.’ And actually in the picture, it looks like we’re wrestling but I’m actually holding him so we could get the photo.”

On Friday, Vancouver police said this matter remains an “active, ongoing VPD investigation.” They are not releasing any further information at this time.

As the man has not been charged with any crime, we have blurred his face in the photo.

— With files from Ted Chernecki

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ABOVE: Shots from our traffic helicopter of the bear in the tree.

 A A 

There was a rare sighting in a Vancouver neighbourhood on Friday morning.

A young black bear was spotted hanging out in a tree along East Pender Street, near Renfrew Street and the PNE.

The VPD says conservation officers were called in and tranquilized the bear, which will be safely relocated outside the city.

Officers told Global News the bear is a year-and-a-half old and has been abandoned by his mother.

The VPD says Jellystone Park has not been ruled out as new home for the bear.

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Nikkei Centre is a multi-use facility at the corner of Kingsway and Sperling in Burnaby, BC. Officially opened on September 22, 2000, the Centre houses a Japanese Canadian cultural centre, the Nikkei National Museum, a community centre serving the neighbourhood, and a Japanese Canadian garden.



Our mandate is to promote a better understanding and appreciation by all Canadians of Japanese Canadian culture and heritage; and an awareness by all Canadians of the contribution of Japanese Canadians to Canadian society, through public programs, exhibits, services, publications, public use of the facilities and special events.

Our mission is to honour, preserve, and share Japanese Canadian history and culture for a better Canada.

In addition to offering its own programs, Nikkei Centre has a number of rooms available for rent for many purposes including meetings, demonstrations, weddings, receptions, small conferences, and other special events.

Nikkei Centre is run primarily by volunteers, with a 22-member Board of Directors, an active Auxiliary Committee, and several board/volunteer committees (Finance, Communications, Human Resources, Membership, Building, Programs, Museum). We have a small but dedicated team of staff who work on the operations of the organization.

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The 2017 PNE prize home in Vancouver on Tuesday.


If home ownership in Vancouver seems out of reach, you might have a better chance at winning this year’s PNE prize home.

The 2017 PNE Prize Home is a $1.6-million, 3100-square-foot, West Coast modern-style home that will be located in Naramata.

It’s a three-bedroom home with 2 1/2 bathrooms and “floor-to-ceiling living space.”

Don’t forget the “hotel-inspired” master bedroom with personal espresso machine, walk-in closet and ensuite.




This is the bedroom’s built-in espresso machine. No more walking to the kitchen for you.

But the kitchen is pretty awesome … if you do make it out of your bedroom.


A loft offers you a bird’s-eye view of your stylish living room.



There is plenty of living space outside, as well.



No dream house is complete without a wine cabinet.



The laundry room has a washer AND a dryer. It truly is a dream home.



You can’t see it in these photos, but the bathrooms do indeed come with toilets.


This year’s prize home was unveiled today and if it’s anything like years past, folks will be scrambling to buy raffle tickets, which start at two for $25.

Before we visit the new home, let’s take a trip down PNE prize-home memory lane, shall we?


Who could forget last year’s wine cabinet? Is this what they mean by floor-to-ceiling living space?

The 2016 PNE Prize Home boasted energy-efficient and environmentally sensitive materials, contemporary design elements and details. MARK VAN MANEN / PNG

Or perhaps you’re hoping this year’s home will feature a bevy of technological additions and a full suite of entertainment options.

James Rosowsky, CEO of Karoleena Homes, shows off the high-tech side to the 2015 PNE Prize Home. JENELLE SCHNEIDER / PNG


And of course, 2014’s prize home was designed by local design darling, host of Love It or List It, and former Bachelorette, Jillian Harris, so you just know that home was trendy as heck.

Interior designer Jillian Harris at the 2014 PNE Prize Home that is in Kelowna. The 80th anniversary prize home was worth over $1.3 million. JENELLE SCHNEIDER / PNG


The 2013 home even had a billiards table, for those times when you want to not only impress your friends with your digs, but show them you’re a pool shark in addition to being a homeowner.




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Momiji Japanese Garden

The Momiji Gardens, located on the south side of the Garden Auditorium building, along East Hastings Street, were completed in 1993. The Park Board concurred with the PNE and the Japanese-Canadian community, that this was an appropriate site for a garden that was to commemorate the tragic Hastings Park internment of more than 8,000 Canadians of Japanese origin almost 52 years earlier. It was also symbolic in that this garden would represent the first step in the eventual transformation of Hastings Park into a public greenspace.

Tea Ceremony in Momiji Garden


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Hanjin cargo ship docks in Vancouver after weeks of uncertainty

Crew from Korea was stuck in Prince Rupert for nearly two months after company filed for bankruptcy

By Rafferty Baker, CBC News Posted: Oct 27, 2016 6:45 PM PT Last Updated: Oct 28, 2016 7:45 AM PT

Hanjin Scarlet docks at the Port of Vancouver's shipping container terminal on Thursday. Crew from the Korean ship spent weeks of uncertainty aboard the vessel after Hanjin Shipping declared receivership in August.

Hanjin Scarlet docks at the Port of Vancouver's shipping container terminal on Thursday. Crew from the Korean ship spent weeks of uncertainty aboard the vessel after Hanjin Shipping declared receivership in August. (Peter Lahay)


Related Stories

A container ship that was anchored near Prince Rupert since the end of August finally docked in Vancouver on Thursday.

The Scarlet is one of two Korean ships in Canadian waters that have been in limbo since Hanjin — the world's seventh largest shipping line — filed for bankruptcy.

The other, the Vienna, is anchored near Victoria.

For the nearly 50 crew members aboard the two ships, waiting to discover when and how their journeys would end has been difficult.

Peter Lahay is the national coordinator for the International Transport Workers' Federation. He's been advocating on behalf of the crew and says conditions on board were bad, especially for the Scarlet.

"There are two or three things that go into a ship that's operating correctly. One is they have adequate food and provisions and the other [is] water, recreation and something to do," he said.

Hanjin Scarlet

Hanjin Scarlet motors toward the Port of Vancouver. (Rafferty Baker/CBC)

"[Scarlet] was stuck at an anchorage at a very, very remote, isolated location on the Northern British Columbia coast all by themselves. They had no other vessels around them, nothing. All that they were looking at was trees and islands and whales going by."

"The captain didn't have any answers for the crew, his emails were going ignored by Hanjin," said Lahay.

Now that the ship has docked, some crew members are learning their fates, and morale is improving, according to Lahay.

"There's a lot of joy in the crew, particularly from those going home," he said. "I think it's about 13 crew who are leaving the vessel and about a similar number will stay on board."

Roughly half the crew will have to stay with the boat for some time to come in order to maintain it — but they will get paid. They also got the chance to walk on land on Thursday for the first time since the ship left Asia.

The workers who get to go home will be allowed off the boat at some time on Friday.

Hanjin Scarlet

The Scarlet travels through Burrard Inlet on Thurs

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The 2017 thoroughbred racing season will see an increase of three races to its stakes schedule it was announced today by Darren MacDonald, Hastings Racecourse General Manager & Director of Racing BC.

“With all of the incentives now available to purchase weanlings and yearlings we thought it was important to increase the number of opportunities for horses to run in stakes company,” MacDonald said.

There are 42 stake races on the 2017 calendar worth $2.65 million in purse money. It all begins with the $50,000 Swift Thoroughbred Inaugural and $50,000 Brighouse Belles on opening day, Sunday, April 16.

“We have resurrected two stake races for 2-year-olds: the New Westminster and Hard Rock Casino and there has also been a 2-year-old stake created to honor Spaghetti Mouse, the highest BC-bred money earner of all-time,” MacDonald said.

Owned by Nick and Pauline Felicella, Spaghetti Mouse was named to the BC Horse Racing Hall of Fame in 2014 following a career that stretched over nine seasons resulting in 10 stakes victories and earnings of $929,850. The new $50,000 Spaghetti Mouse Stakes will be featured on Sunday, July 16 while the New Westminster and Hard Rock Casino, both with $50,000 purses, go as part of BC Day Festival of Racing on Monday, August 7.

As has been a long-standing tradition at Hastings Racecourse, BC Derby/Oaks Day will be the highlight of the 2017 season with six stake races and purses totaling $600,000 scheduled for Saturday, September 9. The 72nd running of the Grade 3 BC Derby carries with it a purse of $150,000 while the 55th running of the BC Oaks offers $100,000 in purse money.

“We have included the $100,000 Jack and Sadie Diamond futurities on the Derby/Oaks card,” MacDonald said. “That will make it a true celebration of the best horses at Hastings this year.”

MacDonald noted his appreciation for the level of cooperation between the different horsemen groups in working towards the goal to create a stakes schedule that will encourage new owners with opportunities for both B.C. and foreign-bred horse to run at Hastings.

Horses begin to arrive at Hastings Racecourse on February 1 with the track opening for training on February 3. A paddock sale featuring 2-year-olds in training and horses of racing age is set for April 2 at Hastings. The 2017 schedule runs from April 16 to October 22 and is now available at www.hastingsracecourse.com

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Riding on bugs, pedaling on clouds and sliding down a giant candy stick — these seem to be things out of a magical land, but they’re real, and they’re in Vancouver.

When Playland opens its gates May 6 at 10 a.m. the amusement park will also launch three new kids and family rides.

“They are very cute rides that our young guests will enjoy,” says Laura Ballance, spokesperson for Playland.

The three colorful and magical rides include the Bug Whirled, a new kid-friendly roller coaster in the form of giant lady bugs; the Flutterbye, in which kids and their parents appear to pedal up into the clouds; and the Dizzy Drop, a friendlier and cuter — it looks like a giant candy stick — version of one of the park’s more adult attraction the Hellevator.

The introduction of these new rides are part of Playland’s initiative to expand its family programming, says Ballance.

In addition to the new rides, some changes are also expected for this year’s Playland season. KC Bear, the park’s mascot, will be hanging out all season long. Also, Pacific Adventure Golf and Climbing Wall are now free with admission.

Playland sees approximately 300,000 guests each year, and Ballance expects this season will be no different.

“We had a fantastic year last year and we’re expecting this year to be a strong one as well, especially with the addition of our new family rides,” she says.

Aside from the new rides, guests can still enjoy the park’s classic rides and attractions such as the Wooden Roller Coaster, Wave Swinger and, yes, mini doughnuts.

From our video archive: Scariest rides of Playland


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- See more at: http://www.vancourier.com/news/playland-adds-three-new-rides-this-season-1.17766748#sthash.mXfwsd9m.dpuf

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Actor Neil Patrick Harris attends the "Lemony Snicket's A Series Of Unfortunate Events" Screening at AMC Lincoln Square Theater on January 11, 2017 in New York City.

Actor Neil Patrick Harris attends the "Lemony Snicket's A Series Of Unfortunate Events" Screening at AMC Lincoln Square Theater on January 11, 2017 in New York City.

Mike Coppola/Getty Images

It could be the affordability crunch, it could be the low vacancy rate, but whatever the reason, actor Neil Patrick Harris is still homeless in Vancouver.

The Series of Unfortunate Events star is staying in the city to film season two of the Netflix show and has been house hunting since late February for a place to call home. He first got the attention of Vancouverites when he tweeted on Feb 22: “So I may be heading back to Vancouver for a while. Anyone have a sweet penthouse in Yaletown that they aren’t using..?”



He tweeted again Thursday night, saying he’s “loving Vancouver” but is still looking for a place.



Harris previously raved about his past stay in Vancouver to The New York Times.

He called Vancouver a “fantastic city” and praised it for being health-conscious with plenty of outdoor activities.

READ MORE: Neil Patrick Harris raves about Vancouver in New York Times article

Netflix recently renewed Unfortunate Events for a second and third season, according to Deadline. Hollywood North insider, YVR Shoots, says the production is set to film for a year between April 17, 2017 and April 20, 2018.

Harris plays the evil “Count Olaf” in the series.

© 2017 Global News, a division of Corus Entertainment Inc.

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Canuck the Crow is a free bird again.

He was released from the Night Owl Bird Hospital in Kitsilano on Tuesday morning, brought home by his buddy Shawn Bergman and set free in his east Vancouver neighbourhood.

“It looks like he’s going to be all right,” Bergman said. “It’s good he’s back in the neighbourhood, back in the swing of things. It’s nice to see him doing a lot of the things he did before.”

Understandably, after being attacked by a soccer dad with a flagpole on March 25 and knocked cold, Canuck seems a little less trusting of strangers, Bergman added.

He captured the homecoming on video and posted it on the wildly popular Facebook page Canuck and I (@thecrowandI).


VANCOUVER, British Columbia, April 4, 2017 -- Canuck the Crow was back ruling the roost in East Van on April 4 after a stay at Night Owl Bird Hospital for care following an attack by a soccer dad on march 25 . (Submitted photo, Sawn Bergman Facebook) ORG XMIT: LbX-54yY1LfTRB7UpH16 [PNG Merlin Archive]

When Bergman opened the travel box and Canuck emerged, to “reclaim his kingdom” as Bergman put it, the bird took a few steps, assayed his familiar surroundings in Bergman’s backyard and looked for food.

Canuck spends nights at a rookery, but is chummy with Bergman and other humans, and thinks nothing of hopping up to strangers to try to steal their lunch.

If that doesn’t work, Canuck will settle for keys, a gas cap, almost anything shiny he can snatch and still be able to fly.

The creature most affected by Canuck’s hospital stay, Bergman said, was his crow friend Cassiar.

She was “worried sick” about Canuck, he said, and he couldn’t explain to her what was going on.

Cassiar would land on the railing by his door in the morning and squawk at Bergman. The only other time she behaved like that, he said, was when Canuck took an impromptu trip to Whistler in November without informing Cassiar.

Bergman found out about the trip after someone contacted him about Canuck, easily identified by the orange zip tie around his left leg, being spotted at the resort village.

“He stole a pipe from someone,” Bergman said.

People all over the world follow Canuck’s antics on social media.

“One thing that caught me off-guard was when Antarctica checked in,” Bergman said. “I couldn’t believe it, this crow is known on all seven continents.”

One of Canuck’s 45,000-plus Facebook friends, upon seeing the posting of Canuck’s release, wrote, “Lol he will share with Cassiar his stories of hotel life with mealworm bedtime snacks, turndown service, 5-star vet care.”



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Hastings Park Winter Farmers Market

Located within a thriving community close to the highway and the Second Narrows Bridge, the Hastings Park Farmers Market is a perfect place to stop and shop.


Find us between the Forum and the Agrodome and stroll down tree-lined pathways, wander through the Italian garden and stop by the sanctuary pond, bring the kids bundled up and play in the playground, or drop into the skateboard park if you’re brave! There’s plenty to do for everyone in the family.

The Hastings Park Farmers Market features a great selection of local produce; nursery items, fish, meat & dairy; artisan prepared foods, baking and treats; the best in local crafts, and of course, hot food trucks.


Food Trucks
Bike Racks
Market Money ATM


Salt Spring Coffee


What’s Fresh at Hastings Park – April 2



Ossome Acres: Certified Organic pea sprouts, sunflower sprouts, eggs, walnuts, beets, carrots, dandelion greens, kalettes

Paul’s Produce: onions, garlic, carrots, potatoes, beets, leeks,  frozen berries, cucumbers

VFM Direct*: eggplant, parsnips, potatoes, microgreens, dried wild mushrooms, white onions, apple juice


Blue Comet Seafoods: flash frozen at sea black cod, halibut, salmon, tuna, canned sockeye salmon, canned smoked pink salmon, canned albacore tuna, canned smoked albacore tuna, cold smoked sockeye lox-sliced, cold smoked white spring chunks, hot smoked spring-peppered and natural, springs salmon maple nuggets, salmon candy 

Greendale Meats: beef, pork, turkey

Rockweld Farm: chicken, eggs

Specialty Farm Products

Bryan & Agnes Warmerdam: specialty daffodils

Golden Ears Cheesecrafters: grassfed butter, velvet brie cheese, jersey blue cheese, gouda cheese, havarti cheese, cheese curds

Valley Gold Bee: clover honey, blueberry honey, raspberry honey

The Promised Land Farm: Wild Harvest nettles, dried chantrelle mushrooms, dried pine mushrooms, dried lobster mushrooms, sorrel, spouts, sun chokes, dried kombu seaweed


Veggie of the Week: Dandelion Greens

Far from your average garden weed, dandelion greens are packed full of nutrients including calcium and iron. These greens are delicious additions to spring salads, they blend well in smoothies and are tasty sauteed. Pickup a bunch this Sunday from Ossome Acres! Need dandelion inspiration? Try this Dandelion Green and Leek Omelette recipe from The Feed Feed.



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Membership Appreciation Day!

Whole Foods Giving Day

On Wednesday, April 5th, Whole Foods Market will donate 5$ of sales to Vancouver Farmers Markets to expand the Fresh to Families project – a healthy eating initiative for low-income families and seniors in BC that supports small farms and producers across the province.

VFM Direct

VFM Direct connects local farmers and producers with chefs and food service buyers through an online marketplace and delivery services.  Keeping the farmer in the equation means sales to wholesale customers are more financially viable.  VFM Direct works with buyers from restaurants, food service companies and retail across Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley and was started in 2015. This weekend, is pooling crops from local farms that can’t make a stall financially feasible with a limited amount of produce so they’re aggregating their product for Hastings Park! Check their stall out this weekend and learn more about the program and the farmers VFM Direct supports.

Help Spread the Word!

Help Hastings Park Winter Market GROW! Tell your friends, share our Facebook page & tag your photos @vanmarkets #HastingsParkWFM.

See you at the market!



Located on Bus Routes #14, #16 & #135


Free Shopper Parking at Gate 2 – tell the attendant and they will direct you where to park.

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